Friday, September 7, 2012


Fortunately or Unfortunately,we are living in an era where age old humane virtues are frequently seen abused here and there.I remember,,in olden days when we use to call rather honour such person with clear,kind and white heart whereas now-a-days such people are d obsolete crap f society adorned with the adjective"STUPID". Prior coming to whatever conclusion ,I am coming herewith,I had carried many experimentation in my day to day life.I am happy that due course of time provides me with such skills.I thank to the Almighty Father who bestowed me with a hidden eye to clearly understand d psyche of people scattered hetherto,,though that is accompanied with initial series of downfalls and breakage. Let us start with our most important subject say how many of us can claim really that we are having some genuine good friends......we can only assume that people with whom we can have our entertainment ,watch movies,roaming about,texting,chating....Are they really our friends??? Let us have a small test for that- suppose a group of five friends are to make their sleeping and staying arrangements in a big hall,for say coming 3 months for some or the other reason,,ask them to occupy the beds,I had witnessed people running like anything to grab near window,beneath fan,beneath light etc convenient position,or harnessing if possible,first cum first serve condition and deriving benefits out of that.Now the other or the end user who happens to be the most deprived in this scenario will surely owe pain within his/her heart.And trust me,this group of people are called FRIENDS,,I just cant get the feeling of a little bit of friendship over here.This was competition.,thats all. Another case is that of people with holy mindset searching for God in temples,mosques,churches etc,,however the place where God really dwells,i.e their Heart full of diplomacy and politics of all kind.This set of people is yet another group which surely intersects with the set mentioned above either wholly or partly for sure.The evil virtue which had ditched innocence several times was Hypocrisy,,widespread prevalent in our society.Its my personal experience,,barring a few,,many who spend most time in temples/churches and dese religious customs are actually busy washing their regular sinS. Third kind of set is of people who are real Parasites ,I must say....They will make use of ur emotions,humane virtues for their own personal interest.....and lack even a bit of gratification despite the fact....They are in the high hopes that They are smarter enough to dent the psyche of people surrounding them,to help him and Rest are Stupids.They deliver some good lectures,,to collect a crowd ,round them and build the so called "Social Capital"to once again channelise them to his/her own interest..and again feeling proud that their smart enough to do that....and yeah nevertheless dare u guys to raise ur head before such craps,,because they think themselves as guru dronacharya,and rest world their disciples. Now the problem with a small set of people whose intersection with above three sets yield a null set is how to move in this scenario....This requires a great deal of inner strength,zidd and self has to increase the friend of urs from within.If u feel,people criticising u is from above three sections then laugh within and dont luk for others,,Do what ur inner conscience say i.e true because above three sets have dead conscience.....u have alive within....and alwaz remember: "JODI TOR DAAK SUNE KEU NAA ASE,TABO EKLA CHALO RE" Lastly,khi suna tha...."Jhoot ke hai kai saathi,sach akela hi chala hai."

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