Saturday, June 5, 2010


I chanced to watch a movie named 'APOCALYPTO'..It was based on stories of tribal people nd deir conflicts,deir rituals,,nd much more which was efficient in letting us shook r head n close r eyes bcoz 'we' r d so called civilized people,,fully clad with nice clothes n proper food habits..d movie was full f violence n blood shed too,,i was suggested to avoid watching d movie,,but i did.....dere was a scene which touched was the 'HUMAN SACRIFICE'which ws a part f rituals to please sun n rain GOD.dey not only slaughter d victim ,,rather take out d heart n preserve it while throw away rest f d body...i could'nt sleep few nights after watching d scene..i feel fortunate dat,,m not born in dat era,or such tribes hv almost become extinct at this date..
BUT in due course f time,, z again i start sailing wid life,,smtimes wen i felt sad nd began to recapitulate my past,my present,n coming future,,m alwaz haunted by a dreary feeling dat d essence f such tribes z stil in r AIRs.
I strongly believe in HOLISTIC approach,we r not just a bilaterally symmetrical mammal,but we r complete wen we r considered wholly wid r souls,organs n thoughts.
even today,,dere r people in dis world who kills us,,though not actually but in d form f deir HARSH DEEDS,harsh words,insults,hypocrisy etc..dey too take out r heart frm r body not as an organ though,,but z an emotional toolbox, like dose junglee tribals ,,so as to satisfy deir false pride,ego etc..dese ego,pride r deir GOD deir act f slaughtering z deir rituals,,nd d victim z thrown away to act as a entire life...
we all in d same or d odr way getting slaughtered,,we r slaughtering odrs,,such butcher homes r not gone,,dey r in d airs still...we r still in deir clutches,,we need to free ourselves frm d clutches.
dat means,,we shud reduce d complicacy f r lyf,,we shud b pure n clean at heart,,safeguard it nd shud never hurt odrs,,simply to satisfy one's own whimsical fantasy..
let us try atleast to reduce dese apparent bloodshed going on dailyamong frnds,colleagues,co-workers,relatives etc.lets find r peace..
AREN'T WE A ZOMBIE today????lets don't be dat , be a COMPLETE HUMAN BEING,,d superior creature f dis beautiful planet earth...