Friday, September 24, 2010


1>Y do v ask sry evn wen v r nt wrong?

Y do v bend ourselvs as v cnt afford loosing them?

Y do v run 2help a buddy evn after bitter quarrel?

Y v get consoled only wen v cry on their shoulders who made us cry?


Sm pains r more enjoyd dan hapines..!

Sm relations r more satisfactry dan self-ego...!

Sm defeats r more triumphant dan victory...!


Sm moments r more precious dan breath...!!!
2>Don't Share Your Top Secrets With Anyone..


If You Can't Keep Your Secrets, Don't Expect Somebody To Keep It...!

3>What s luv?

When there are 3apples nd the members are 4..!

Mom says " i dont like apple."

4>A drop of tear is costlier than anything else in the world.

But no one knows it's value, until they have it in their own eyes for someone..

5>A woman, admitted in a hospital4 sufering frm brain tunn.

Her husband,relations, al were around her,and within a few hrs,she died.

Her husband became ill since he cried the whole day.

He returned home the next day only.

Wen he opened his wife's cupboard,he found sum tablets kept in a letter in which was writen,

"TAKE THESE TABLETS DEAR. I know u catch cold easily after crying...." LOVE ROCKS.& MAKE IT LIVE LONG"..

6>U can live without d person who says


But u can NEVER live without some 1 who says


7>Sum tough Battles hv to be fought alone. Sum paths hv to be crossed alone.So,never emotionaly get attached 2 any1.U nvr knw wen u hv to walk alone...

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  1. hmm..really nice thoughts..worth following ones..nice job done.. :)
    keep rocking thru ur blogs. :)